5th February 2025
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Why moving your team building outdoors can help mental health and wellbeing

By CJ Cardenas, CEO at Bear Grylls Survival Academy In the workplace and office environments, sometimes it can be tough to get enough time outside and reap the mental benefits. Outdoor team building activities can sometimes be overlooked, but here is why they should be considered to improve your team’s wellbeing. Stress reduction with a connection […]

The role of mediation in workplace relationships

Matt Powell-Howard (pictured), NEBOSH’s Head of Product Development, touches on the power of workplace relationships and the role of mediation when conflicts arise.  Numerous factors contribute to stress, encompassing both workplace-related and external influences. Employers are responsible for addressing those stressors that fall within their control within the workplace. When workplace relationships break down there […]

Preventing slips, trips & falls: when is it best to grit?

By Chris Potts, Marketing Director at ANT Telecom  Over 2022/23 a Labour Force Survey (LFS) revealed that 561,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury according to self-reports. In comparison the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) points out that this figure is higher for the same period, at 60,645 employee non-fatal injuries, as reported by employers in 2022/23, according […]

NEBOSH defines risk assessment and its process

NEBOSH shares content from the NEBOSH Quick Reference Guide to Risk Assessment for this quick-read definition of risk assessment and the outline process to follow in your workplace. What is risk assessment? The objective of risk assessment is to prevent workplace accidents and incidents that might give rise to injuries and/or occupational ill-health. The risk […]

Mental Health and Neurodiversity in the Workplace – a key focus for 2024

By Lou Campbell, Programmes Director of Wellbeing Partners The conversation around neurodivergence in the workplace continues to gather pace, with encouraging moves towards awareness, inclusion and support for neurodivergent employees. But a fundamentally important topic of discussion – the intersectionality of neurodivergence and mental health issues – is frequently underestimated and misunderstood. Whilst neurodiversities such […]

Leadership: Assessing your own values and performance

Matt Powell-Howard, NEBOSH Head of Product Development, talks about how we can assess our leadership performance… To be an effective manager you need leadership skills – otherwise you are just overseeing tasks and making sure deadlines are met. As a health and safety leader, your leadership skills can influence, inspire and motivate others to behave […]

Psychological safety at work: What is it and how can businesses improve it?

Coined by Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson, ‘psychological safety’ is the belief that you can share your thoughts and ideas freely within the workplace without the fear of being judged. Employees need to feel empowered to speak their minds in order to contribute their full potential.  Without psychological safety, a workplace can foster a culture of […]

Keeping first aiders and teams safe on large industrial sites through better communication

On large manufacturing sites, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is a top priority. However, accidents and medical emergencies can occur, necessitating swift and effective response from trained first aiders. To improve emergency communication and coordination when these incidents occur, effective communication protocols are required.  This is where technology, such as digital mobile radio […]

Easily improve workplace safety and optimise your performance

Colour your way to an improved workplace with the S3700 Sign and Label Printer. With multicolour print and shape cutting capabilities, this printer creates impactful identification that fits your application and workspace needs. Because safety and efficiency are the pulse of your operations, you need an industrial label printer that delivers both. Put multicolour brilliance, […]

Creating the Right Culture: How to talk to your employees about mental health

Communication is so often the first step to solving any problem, and this is especially true when it comes to mental health challenges in the workplace. In order for staff to feel properly supported in their wellbeing, they need to feel that they are able to openly discuss their personal issues with their managers and […]