5th February 2025
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BCarm Academy: Free bitesize learning on hot risk topics

Health and Safety at its best is embedded in culture and people. For many, Health and Safety is an additional function to the main role and so building the confidence and competence to fulfil their responsibilities is essential for their Engagement. 2 of the 12 top drivers for Employee Engagement according to Gallup Q12 are: 1.            I […]

Why LEAD indicators allow you to elevate your health and safety organisation

By Steve Williams AMBCI, MIIRSM, Managing Director, BCarm 1 in 2 businesses say they don’t have safety performance metrics in place that allow them to measure and manage workplace safety every month*. Given the potential consequences of safety not performing, why wouldn’t you want to know how you are performing, and if you do, how […]

What does Health and Safety look like in a digital world?

By Bcarm “Tech is the new muscle” is a common turn of phrase often used to discuss what lessons we can take from covid and certainly digitisation is a way to upgrade your health and safety organisation. As a Health and Safety professional, any risk management system, unless in the simplest, lowest risk organisation is […]

WEBINAR: Risk assessment in a digital world

Risk Assessment is unquestionably a critical component of the safety process, but so is ensuring that the control measures defined in the Risk Assessment are in place, operative and being complied with. The latter often creates a challenges, particularly if the safety management system is difficult to access and cumbersome to use or there is […]

WEBINAR REWIND: Learn how to transform your health and safety performance

Many businesses have performance data on sales, cash flow and stock holdings – but few have performance metrics on health and safety measures in the workplace. Find out how to unlock this knowledge in this unmissable webinar from BCarm. The webinar will give you practical take-aways on how to use metrics to transform your health […]