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Small business support: Train staff in Health & Safety and Compliance for just £15 this month

Throughout November, iHASCO (a market-leading provider of workplace training) will be offering their single-use Health & Safety, HR and Business Compliance courses at a heavily discounted rate to support small businesses at a difficult time with their one-off training needs and fulfill any outstanding training requirements, at a fraction of the usual cost. 

The company says that a result of COVID-19, many small businesses have been forced to slash budgets and put staff training on the back-burner. It’s more than understandable as businesses look for cost-saving opportunities in a difficult period, but the stark reality is that there are training topics that simply cannot be neglected at any time.

This limited time offer includes online training from the full course library of over 100 titles. Popular single-use titles include:

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2
  • Working at Height
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire Warden Training

This offer is open to everyone but is particularly beneficial to small businesses or those with individual training requirements, and even those wishing to try out eLearning on a small number of staff.

“Whilst many of our clients are able to take advantage of our course bundle deals, we felt that during these difficult times, we could be doing more to help out sole traders and smaller businesses, and that’s why we’ve discounted our single use courses by 40% throughout November,” said Nathan Pitman, Managing Director at iHASCO.  

“With an iHASCO course, you can rest assured that you’re going to receive a high-quality, engaging course that’s simple to use and cost-effective.”

Each purchase provides access to a single use accredited course with a printable certificate upon completion. The course is accessible for 60 days, so training can be completed when convenient. Courses can be accessed from a variety of devices including laptops, tablets or smartphones – with a 4G or Wi-Fi connection. 

With over 100 courses covering Health & Safety, HR Compliance and Business Compliance, the iHASCO website is a great place to start for those wanting to find out more about the huge range of courses and helpful resources available.

Having already delivered over 6 million training sessions to a variety of businesses and individuals, iHASCO aims to make a genuine difference with each and every one of their engaging and interactive courses. A purchase of any iHASCO course is an investment in the future of your business.

From 1st – 30th November 2020 the discounted single-user iHASCO courses can be purchased from the website and the customer support team can be contacted on 01344 867088 with any queries. 

Investing in mental health awareness training pays

Organisations have the opportunity to make positive cultural change and strengthen their future, whilst supporting employees with their mental health, says iHASCO

In the latest published results of the study, ‘Coronavirus: Mental Health in the Pandemic’, it has been found 64% of people feel that they are not coping with pandemic-related stress well. The temporary hope as lockdown eased has now been replaced with an understanding that the virus is still playing havoc with people’s lives. With further government restrictions introduced to try to prevent the infection rate from spiraling out of control, the uncertainties for individuals and businesses this winter remain high. With financial worries, health concerns and more, the pandemic is certainly contributing to a lack of resilience and poor mental health across the UK.

A ‘Mental Health Crisis’ 

The HSE figures for 2018/19 show that stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of all work-related ill health cases, with 12.8 million working days lost. Now as a result of the pandemic, every business across the country may see a rise in mental health problems in their workforce, with figures even worse than those reported before COVID-19. Therefore, it is vital that employers can create healthy working environments and support employee mental health and wellbeing, not only to meet their legal obligations but to remain productive and to come through the other side of the pandemic in a much better place. It also presents an opportunity to contribute to breaking the negative stigma surrounding mental health, to ensure that as a nation we reach a point where it isn’t brave to open up about your mental health – rather, it’s ‘the norm’. As some organisations lead from the front, it may give others the confidence to follow and realise the positive benefits for all when tackling mental health in the workplace.

Adding to the crisis, it has been suggested in a report by the Centre for Mental Health that in the next two years 500,000 more people will experience mental ill-health conditions in the UK as a result of the pandemic. With a further period of economic downturn as a result of a second spike likely to see even more severe and longer lasting effects on mental health. 

“Now truly is the time for organisations to offer practical mental health and wellbeing support to their employees” explains Lottie Galvin, Mental Health First Aider at iHASCO. “The pandemic has shone a light on how crucial it is to acknowledge and address the emotional and mental struggles people are going through, many of whom were struggling long before COVID turned up on our doorstep.”

A recent report from Deloitte showed that employers can gain a 6:1 return on investment when supporting staff with mental health and wellbeing through organisation-wide culture/awareness raising. This could include initiatives such as tailored web portals, awareness training or personal exercise sessions. With poor mental health having the ability to hit a company’s bottom line hard, it seems like an obvious choice to address company culture if fostering a more caring, supportive attitude to mental health creates a more productive workforce. 

Implementing change

“One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of offering mental health support is to provide your staff with Mental Health & Wellbeing eLearning” says Galvin, whose employer, iHASCO, has delivered over 115,000 online mental health-related training sessions. “It’s a starting point – our courses offer staff a way to learn and reflect privately on their feelings and behaviour, but they also empower people to find the courage to speak up. This starts to build a company culture where talking openly about our struggles becomes more commonplace and is met with kindness and understanding. Our courses also offer a variety of simple tools, tips and ideas that help learners to manage their own wellbeing and offer support to others on a daily basis. Inclusive and supportive organisations inspire a great deal of engagement, motivation, hard work and long term loyalty from a team of individuals who feel seen, heard and cared for.”

iHASCO’s Online mental health and wellbeing training courses include Mental Health Awareness, Building resilience, Managing Anxiety and Stress Awareness & Management, and offer employees easy access to quality information to support them with their wellbeing. Online awareness training can be used alongside other practices to champion employee mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, such as creating a mental health policy, offering counselling through Employee Assistance Programmes, appointing Mental Health First Aiders, regular one-to-ones with managers or simply by promoting a healthy lifestyle and making staff aware of mental health support lines offered by charitable organisations. 

The Coronavirus lockdown acted as a catalyst for starting conversations on wellbeing as employees up and down the country had their lives drastically changed almost overnight. Whether on furlough or working from home, anxiety levels were and still are at an all time high. Employers quickly had to react to this new situation and support employees, and discussions about how best to support mental health and wellbeing were underway across the nation. In times of uncertainty those equipped to better manage their anxiety levels and be resilient have been far less likely to suffer the effects of mental ill-health. Employers who address the issue of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace will reap the rewards whilst making a positive, cultural change, whilst companies not taking action may be left behind.


5 Minutes With… Alex Wilkins, iHASCO

For the first instalment of our health & safety industry executive interview series, we spoke to Alex Wilkins, Head of Training & Development at iHASCO, about his company, industry opportunities, the challenges posed by COVID-19, new technology and why Stranger Things is better than Succession…

Tell us about your company, products and services.

We are iHASCO – a market leading provider of online Health & Safety, HR, and Compliance eLearning. We make training simple.

Providing over 10,000 organisations across the UK and globally with our training, we have also delivered over 5,500,000 sessions to date!

With approvals from the likes of IOSH, RoSPA, Skills for Care, IIRSM, and accreditation from CPD, we are confident that we offer each and every one of our users the highest quality training available.

What have been the biggest challenges the Health & Safety industry has faced over the past 12 months?

Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest challenge. In fact, it’s arguably the biggest challenge over the last century.

It’s up to OSH professionals and employers to ensure that their staff are kept informed on up-to-date guidance and that they understand how to lower the risk of infection whilst at work.

And what have been the biggest opportunities?

To break the negative stigma surrounding Health & Safety, which the public often perceive as “a waste of time”. The current climate has given all OSH professionals a chance to prove the importance of the industry.

What is the biggest priority for the Health & Safety industry in 2020?

There have been many, but we think it comes down to three key points: getting people to adhere to COVID-19 guidance, looking after employee’s mental health, and sourcing PPE.

What are the main trends you are expecting to see in the market in 2021?

An increased focus on mental wellbeing in the workplace. Studies suggest that for every £1 a workplace invests in it’s employees mental wellbeing, they see an average of a £4.20 return. Not only is it morally right to invest in employee wellbeing, but it often makes sense from a business perspective!

In 2025 we’ll all be talking about…?

Our eLearning. That’s our goal, at least!

Which person in, or associated with, the Health & Safety industry would you most like to meet?

Geoff McDonald – A global advocate for Mental Wellbeing in the workplace.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learnt about the Health & Safety sector?

Whilst it can look extremely complicated on the surface, it really isn’t, especially when you get your staff to appreciate its importance and they have an understanding of their duties under current legislation.

You go to the bar at the Occupational Safety & Health Forum – what’s your tipple of choice?

Something that matches our brand values, so it would have to be best cost-effective, user-friendly, and simple! It sounds a bit like an ice-cold beer!

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

Having a positive impact on the safety and wellbeing of employees all over the world.

And what’s the most challenging?

Breaking the negative stigma surrounding the health & safety and eLearning industry.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To always try and make a genuine difference.

Succession or Stranger Things?

Stranger Things, 100%!