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Call for employers to offer menopause support to staff

Employers are being urged to develop more inclusive and supportive workplace cultures and managerial styles to help menopausal women feel comfortable discussing their symptoms and requesting support.

The call is among a series of recommendations from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in response to a UK Government inquiry into menopause and the workplace which it is making public ahead of World Menopause Day, which took place on October 18th.

The inquiry was launched after a survey found that three in five menopausal women were negatively affected at work by their symptoms, with nearly 900,000 women in the UK leaving their jobs over an undefined amount of time because of it.

While there are examples of good practice in some workplaces, IOSH believes a concerted effort is required to support women to ensure they not only remain in their jobs but are able to flourish.

The institution, which represents more than 47,000 health and safety professionals around the world, recommends a number of measures, which include:

  • Considering whether existing policies and procedures cater for the psychosocial needs of menopause-related issues, for example whether they can introduce flexible working patterns
  • Ensuring risk assessments consider specific risks to menopausal women and identify reasonable adjustments for individuals
  • Developing awareness, training and education strategies that raise understanding of the menopause and associated symptoms, their impact on work and potential solutions
  • Following the advice of health and safety professionals based on the outcomes of age – and gender – sensitive health risk assessments, including potential changes in functional capacities
  • Developing more inclusive and supportive workplace cultures and managerial styles that make women feel comfortable disclosing symptoms or requesting adjustments to support them with symptoms.

Dr Karen Michell, an occupational health specialist at IOSH, said: “Menopause can and often does have physical, mental and emotional effects on women and their ability to cope with work. Yet very few workplaces and managers are knowledgeable on how to address work-related menopause issues and the preventive role that occupational health and safety can play.

“This is concerning. As with other health issues, women, and in particular women of ethnic minorities, should feel comfortable being able to discuss their symptoms with line managers and other colleagues and be able to request additional support which helps them in their roles.

“We encourage employers to approach menopause in the workplace with a more holistic view that puts the spotlight on providing effective management practices, practical support and the adoption of a workplace culture of an open nature for those experiencing symptoms rather than solely focusing on superficial initiatives, such as the development of a specific policy on menopause.”

IOSH/NEBOSH eLearning as good as face-to-face training

If you want your health and safety training to have a positive impact on behaviour, then it “has to be delivered face-to-face”. To reduce the hassle of getting everyone in the same at the same time, organisations have tried eLearning. They found that, whilst it ticks the box, it lacks the impact a good classroom course can have.

Until now.

Compassa’s awarding-winning use of interactive video technology brings face-to-face training to the eLearning environment. Their IOSH Managing Safely and NEBOSH Incident Investigation courses are delivered by an engaging, entertaining, and charismatic tutor in a series of video tutorials. Within the videos are exercises, activities, and questions the learner must answer. It transforms the passive learning experience into an active experience.

And thanks to all the humour, the courses are really good fun!

But does it work? Does this eLearning approach come anywhere close to having the same impact as a traditional face-to-face course?

Will Taylor, Compassa’s Founder and MD, thinks so. He said, “We collect data from learners before and after the course. We ask them how committed they are to health and safety before the course. And after they have completed it, we ask them the same question. The data consistently shows people feel much more committed: a 42% increase in levels of commitment towards health and safety after completing our video course for IOSH Managing Safely.”

Hugh Pidgeon, Health and Safety Manager for Wilkin Chapman, says his experience supports what the data says. “I feel this eLearning course has delivered greater impact than a classroom course. They’ve had the time to assimilate and take on board all the information. The staff undertaking this course have made my life easier.”

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Award-winning IOSH/NEBOSH training from Compassa

Struggling to release people for IOSH/NEBOSH training? Can’t get everyone together for face-to-face training?

There is a solution: interactive video eLearning. Yes, it’s eLearning. But with the impact of an excellent face-to-face course.

Compassa’s award-winning approach to IOSH/NEBOSH training is the closest thing you can get to 1-to-1 tuition. It’s impactful and leads to measurable improvements in commitment to H&S: GUARANTEED. Your people will be visibly more committed and your health and safety performance will improve.

To ensure our delegates are engaged and switched on, we make the courses relevant, interactive and, most of all: FUN. Our ethos is if we enjoy making our courses, then our delegates will enjoy learning from them.

In 2020, we released the world’s first interactive video course for IOSH Managing Safely. Our before and after surveys shows this course leads to an average increase in commitment to H&S of 42%. Fully approved, IOSH have confirmed our version of IOSH Managing Safely is UNIQUE.

Other courses available include the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Award, featuring a 3D model workplace and incident investigator simulator. You will be amazed at our interactive interview technology, where you can take control of a real witness interview. You and your people will LEARN BY DOING instead of being bored by Powerpoint!

Our eLearning courses are so different to traditional courses, they must be seen to be believed. So get in touch to arrange a no obligation demonstration and see how our courses can help you achieve your objectives.