5th February 2025
Hilton London Canary Wharf
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See a face, not an object! Because safety is personal

By Brady Corporation See a person instead of an object by printing a face directly on your Lockout/Tagout padlocks. Build on the one person, one lock, one key principle for maximum Lockout/Tagout safety! Find out how to fully personalise padlocks. A Lockout/Tagout padlock is often the last obstacle to prevent a premature machine energisation, and […]

Custom Lockout shadowboards: Efficient, top of mind safety in the workplace

By Brady Make safety top of mind in the workplace and optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency with highly visible, custom lockout shadowboards. Shadowboards increase the impact of Lockout/Tagout and help to further reduce maintenance risks and accidents. Read the case study from the large e-commerce company’s warehouse. Why custom shadowboards? increase efficiency by organising relevant lockout procedures, padlocks, devices, […]

More safety with top lockout procedures implemented at your site

Get experienced Brady engineers to write and implement custom Lockout/Tagout procedures for more maintenance safety. Brady engineers have created thousands of lockout procedures for hundreds of companies in various industries. Get them to write and implement your best-in-class, company-approved, custom Lockout/Tagout safety procedures as well. Brady’s Lockout/Tagout Complete Service: Best practice, custom: experienced Brady engineers visit […]