5th February 2025
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HSE kicks off Working Minds campaign to improve truck driver safety

More needs to be done to protect Britain’s truckers from work-related stress according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), whose Working Minds campaign in partnership with the Road Haulage Agency is targeting drivers – and their bosses – to promote good mental health whilst at work.

When safe to do so, drivers can text “BeAMate” for free confidential health support 24/7 – a service provided by Working Minds campaign partner, Mates in Mind.

Elizabeth Goodwill, from the HSE’s Stress and Mental Health Policy Team said: “HGV drivers keep the country and our economy moving. It’s therefore vital employers meet their legal duty to ensure risks of stress and mental ill health are factored into risk assessments.

“Initiatives such as ‘BeAMate’ are helpful for people needing individual help, but we would like to see more focus on preventing work-related stress at an organisational level, to stop it developing into poor mental health. We look forward to working with the Road Haulage Association and Mates in Mind to provide employers with the help they need to protect and support drivers.

“Driving a HGV and its cargo naturally comes with pressure. However, that does not mean the simple steps in our “5R’s” (Reach out>Recognise>Respond>Reflect>make it Routine) can’t be followed. Problems arise when there is excessive pressure workers are unable to cope with.”

Material and advice from the Working Minds campaign for drivers and employers can be found here.

Laura Taylor, HR Director at the RHA said: “We are delighted to be supporting HSE’s Working Minds campaign. At the RHA we recognise that our employees’ mental health wellbeing is not just a personal concern to them but a vital component of our collective success as an organisation.

“Therefore, supporting mental health is not just a token initiative for us but a commitment to nurturing an environment where all employees feel valued, understood and empowered.”


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