5th February 2025
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The convenient, proactive, cost-effective solution for managing Health & Safety for your business; technology that protects people.

The Safety App improves workplace safety, drives engagement and is simple to use. It captures safety reports in seconds to distribute real-time risk warnings to your team, bringing you peace of mind in terms of your workforce and regulatory compliance.

All you need for a safer workplace

What is it?

Easy to use and understand, the Safety App supports your daily workplace’s safety risks. Tailored to your workplace, it helps keep your business Health & Safety compliant and your workforce safe; incorporating innovative, time-saving features, including Risk Assessments, Fire Checks, COSHH , accident investigation protocols, bespoke checks of your sites and more. Using the Safety App makes it fast and easy to access and report data in real-time using forms and photographs.


If you are a multi-site organisation the Safety App can be used to control the health and safety of individual sites. This can be carried out by introducing tailor made check lists, and delegating tasks to specific members of your organisation.

Risk Assessments

We all have different areas to inspect when it comes to the Health & Safety checks for our business. The Safety App is designed to fit around your particular work environment, so you are always assessing the right areas. Whatever your main hazards or significant risks are, you can add them to your Safety App to ensure you remain compliant with legislation.

Fire Checks

The proactive core of the Safety App makes your regular Fire Checks a consistent and reliable practice. The app is built around the national standards, ensuring you are always up-to-date. It enables you to conduct regular checks of fire alarms, escape routes,  emergency lighting and fire doors efficiently and effectively. With its instant reporting features it allows you to highlight areas of concern and take instant remedial action, so you know you are complying with legislation and protecting your workforce and your business too.


If your business is using hazardous substances, you are legally obliged to adhere to  COSHH regulations. The COSHH comprehensive assessment and guidance on the SaferMe app makes it a breeze to manage. Checking the substance type, classification, composition, workplace exposure limits based on the product ingredients, and all the necessary control measures that need to be taken, the app keeps you one step ahead.

Why do I need it?

  • Engage your team – Instant access to forms makes them quick and easy to complete. They’ll be alerted to hazards and be able to act quickly, and you can keep them updated in real time.
  • Internet connection not required – The Safety App fits in your pocket and works offline – even in the remotest of locations – providing instant, real time data.
  • Customisable to suit your needs – Tailored to your business, you can customise standard forms to suit your specific needs and convert your current paper checklists into actionable inspection forms with ease.
  • Empower your team and increase productivity – Connecting you with the right people at the right time, your workforce can easily handle incidents, safety observations, accident investigations, site inspections and reporting. It instantly turns issues into actions, empowering your team with a positive Health & Safety culture.


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