5th February 2025
Hilton London Canary Wharf
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Building Safety Act compliance a ‘significant problem’ in business

Over two-thirds (70%) of maintenance professionals state that staying compliant is the most significant problem in their business, according to a recent poll by SFG20. Just over half of those surveyed report that meeting safety standards is their biggest priority in 2024. However, all poll respondents (100% of those surveyed) remain unsure about how prepared they are to […]

COMPLIANCE MONTH: A guide to sourcing compliance solutions for health & safety

Health & Safety (H&S) professionals across the UK, in both public and private sectors, face a complex web of regulations. Partnering with a reliable Compliance Solutions provider can streamline processes, ensure adherence, and ultimately, create a safer working environment. However, selecting the right partner amidst a sea of offerings can feel overwhelming. Here are some […]

COMPLIANCE MONTH: How proactive approaches to health & safety are paying dividends

Health & Safety (H&S) managers, across both private and public sectors, shoulder a heavy responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of staff and visitors. Compliance with complex regulations forms a critical part of this responsibility. However, the traditional tick-box approach is giving way to a more proactive and risk-based strategy, driven by technological advancements and a […]

If you specialise in health & safety Compliance we want to hear from you!

Each month on Health & Safety Briefing we’re shining the spotlight on a different part of the security market – and in March we’ll be focussing on Compliance. It’s all part of our ‘Recommended’ editorial feature, designed to help health & safety buyers find the best products and services available today. So, if you’re a supplier […]

Is It Time To Refresh Your Compliance Training Courses?

By Skillsoft With millions of workers nearing a year away from their employer-controlled office environment, many may still not have fully considered the legal and safety hazards of a home office environment. To an extent, that’s understandable – after all, home should be among the safest places that we spend our time. The problem is, […]