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WEBINAR: Risk assessment in a digital world

Risk Assessment is unquestionably a critical component of the safety process, but so is ensuring that the control measures defined in the Risk Assessment are in place, operative and being complied with. The latter often creates a challenges, particularly if the safety management system is difficult to access and cumbersome to use or there is no management reporting mechanism. This in itself can lead to lower levels of protection and engagement across the company.

Digitising your safety management system could be a solution. How would your safety organisation look if…

  1. Your H&S team have access to all Risk Assessments in one place, wherever they are.
  2. Your Risk Assessments produce lead performance metrics telling you how you are complying with the control measures and whether they are in place or not.
  3. You can instantly track corrective action arising from reviews, monitoring or safety audits to achieve PDCA.
  4. Your staff can be trained on your Risk Assessments on the shopfloor, sign they have read and understood the training and immediately have their training record updated.
  5. You have real-time performance data by every department and location in your organisation of compliance with your Risk Assessment.

A digital management system can create visibility, accountability and defensibility and significantly reduce time, cost and friction from your safety process.

Join our 30-minute webinar ‘Risk Assessment in a Digital World on Thursday 23 September at 11.30am to discover what a digital management system could do to enhance your safety organisation..

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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: FPA – Competent Fire Risk Assessors

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) states that almost all types of premises – unless these are single domestic dwellings – must be subject to a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment. It is the duty of the responsible person to take general fire precautions, as far as reasonably practicable, under part two of the FSFSO to ensure that the premises are safe for all relevant persons, and to reduce the risk of harm and prevent fire. 

The term competency can have a different meaning for different roles. Referring specifically to the role of the fire risk assessor, at the Fire Protection Association we believe competency is something that is constantly evolving. A fire risk assessor may be extremely competent to carry out work on one type of building, such as a care home, but may not be the right person for the job for another type of high-risk premises, such as a manufacturing building. Part of being a responsible, competent fire risk assessor means knowing where the limits are of your own competence.

The FPA has been providing fire risk assessment expertise for over 20 years. We can remove the stress of undertaking a fire risk assessment by providing an experienced consultant in your specific industry sector including retail, education, healthcare, hospitality food production, manufacturing, and many sleeping risk properties. Our experts can assist you with single or multi-site fire risk assessments including DSEAR risk assessments, fire compartmentation surveys, and fire strategies.

For further guidance on the six key pillars of a competent fire risk assessor visit: https://www.thefpa.co.uk/news/fire-safety-advice-and-guidance/what-does-a-competent-fire-risk-assessor-look-like-