5th February 2025
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Driving for work is riddled with risk. Why leave it to chance?

By DriveTech

Driving is something that the vast majority of us do on a regular basis. We drive for a number of reasons: to make life easier, to stay connected, to visit far-flung destinations of interest, and of course, for work. Ultimately, driving has a range of benefits that probably don’t require repetition. It also goes without saying that there are inherent, and often underestimated, risks that come with this particular activity.

The World Health Organisation statistics point to 1.35 million road deaths per year, 1,752 of these deaths taking place on UK roads. Truly driving home the level of risk that comes with driving is the fact that driving for work is the third riskiest profession, more dangerous than construction and only slightly safer than coal-mining. With that in mind, it is shocking that so many companies leave their driver risk management to chance and neglect the opportunity to keep their drivers safe at work.

That’s why DriveTech exists. We’re driven to help keep people safe on the roads, with a variety of behaviour-changing products and services that tangibly impact driver behaviour. Businesses that recognise their real duty of care, that are driven to control costs and have a commitment to driver safety and saving lives, turn to DriveTech as a professional and collaborative supplier of quality risk management solutions. 

With a service portfolio that includes driver and fleet health checks, licence checking (UK only), online assessments and e-learning training modules to full on road coaching, workshops and bespoke driver days for some clients, DriveTech is responsive, adaptable and can normally offer a solution. Being part of the AA – the UK’s leading and largest motoring organisation – makes a substantial difference too to our infrastructure, support systems and processes. 

Don’t leave your employees driver safety to chance. Visit our website to find out more: http://drivetech.co.uk/global-business-fleet-solutions.

Or contact us via email, to get started on your journey to a safer and better fleet: tellmemore@drivetech.co.uk

T: 01256 610907


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