5th February 2025
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Is It Time To Refresh Your Compliance Training Courses?

By Skillsoft

With millions of workers nearing a year away from their employer-controlled office environment, many may still not have fully considered the legal and safety hazards of a home office environment.

To an extent, that’s understandable – after all, home should be among the safest places that we spend our time. The problem is, this can result in considerable risk to employers. As organisations decide on their long term workplace strategy, compliance leaders must adapt their safety and legal programs to support a remote workforce, even if the office environment makes a comeback as part of a ‘hybrid’ approach. 

Some level of adaptation will apply to almost everyone: compliance policies may require review and will possibly need updates, employers need to consider the safety risks of home office environments, and communication and education regarding policy changes and risks across the company will need to be effectively shared. As always, however, the devil is in the detail.

Key issues including home office safety, online harassment and bullying and IT and cybersecurity risks are among the most relevant to remote work. Employers must be confident that their training content and courses offer up-to-date and fully compliant guidance. With organisations across the world making remote working a permanent option – or a replacement for the traditional office entirely – now might be the ideal time for a compliance training refresh.

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