5th February 2025
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Re-evaluating the risk assessment

In recent years, multiple events have prompted health and safety practitioners and risk managers to re-evaluate the role of risk assessment.  

Covid-19 has been the biggest driver of change. The pandemic transported health risk to the centre of corporate risk registers while, simultaneously, transforming ways of day-to-day working. Suddenly, risk assessment was central to corporate board meetings and documentation was constantly required to adapt.    

Covid-19 also transformed international travel, devastating the industry, with consequences that are still being felt today. It elevated medical risk and contingency planning to the heart of pre-travel risk assessment, which has, for too long, been overly reliant on destination-based threat analysis. The need for more holistic risk assessment has subsequently featured in the new ISO 31030 standard on travel risk management, published in 2021. 

In the event sector, the findings of Vol. 1 of the Manchester Arena Inquiry last year cast spotlight on failings of risk assessment while, in manufacturing, the accelerated pace of Industry 4.0 in past years has also driven health and safety managers to change their practices. Extreme weather events, and associated health warnings this summer, provide another context for the expanding range of risk assessments.

Embrace the change 

These are just some examples of how changing circumstances and working practices are requiring risk assessments to adapt. So, are the mechanisms you have in place ready to evolve with them? 

Just like Industry 4.0, which seeks to improve production efficiency, flexibility and quality by leveraging better use of technology and automation, RiskPal seeks to do the same with risk assessment. Offering a digital platform to improve workflow, encourage collaboration and offer high degree of customisation for users, RiskPal provides a solution well equipped to quickly adapt to changing risk assessment needs, both now and in the future.   

It’s always easy to put off change. But there is no better time than now to embrace digital transformation in your risk assessment process and ensure business resilience for tomorrow.  

Read more about how RiskPal is transforming risk assessment via our News page: https://www.riskpal.com/news


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