5th February 2025
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70% of people feel they work in dangerous jobs

A survey of 1,400 people conducted by JMW Solicitors has revealed that 70% of employees feel concerned for their safety at work, with almost 100% of that sample also believing that their employers should implement more safety measures. 

More than a third of respondents to the survey worked in sectors such as agriculture and forestry, mining and quarrying, and manufacturing. Some of the main concerns for safety from the agriculture and forestry, mining and quarrying, and manufacturing sectors were regarding heavy and dangerous machinery, working from a height and being at risk to the elements. 

The study further uncovers that 69% of respondents feel their employers should put more safety measures in place. There is a clear demand for companies to address these legitimate concerns and take the necessary steps to enhance their safetyprotocols. Employers should recognise the critical role that safety plays in overall job satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity.

With 71% of people preferring to work in a safer job, it is essential for organisations to foster a culture of safety, not only to protect their employees but also to remain competitive in the job market. This involves adopting best practices in risk management, staying current with industry-specific safety guidelines, and regularly conducting workplace safety audits.

Sam McElroy, partner at JMW Solicitors said: “These alarming statistics underscore the crucial importance of addressing safety concerns in the workplace, as millions of workers feel increasingly anxious about their well-being while on the job. With such a significant percentage of employees calling for increased safety measures, employers should take immediate action to prioritise the safety and well-being of their workforce.

“In response to these findings, workers are urged to voice their concerns to their employers, while industry leaders and safety experts are encouraged to collaborate on developing comprehensive safety solutions. By investing in safety training, equipment, and enforcement, employers can create a healthier and more secure work environment that benefits everyone.

“The survey results have ignited an essential conversation around workplace safety, as the majority of employees are demanding change. Now is the time for companies and organisations to step up and address these pressing concerns, in order to create a safer, healthier future for all workers.”

Image by Steve B from Pixabay


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