5th February 2025
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DOWNLOAD: The StaySafe Lone Worker Landscape Report

Are you confident you’re taking your lone worker safety seriously enough? StaySafe’s latest comprehensive investigation into lone worker safety reveals that nearly a quarter of lone workers feel unsafe at least once a year, with employers often over-estimating the effectiveness of their safety messaging, procedures and training. 

Download the report here

Lone working is a higher risk activity for a number of reasons. Lone workers may be more susceptible to attack, or to injury through over-exertion, and if they suffer an accident or an emergency situation occurs, no one is with them to assist or to call for help. 

The Lone Worker Landscape Report 

StaySafe surveyed over 1,300 lone workers and health and safety executives at nearly 500 organisations in our Lone Worker Landscape Report to find out what they really think about their lone worker safety and protections– and uncovered where they agree and where they starkly disagree. 

This important research reveals for the first time the disparities between the opinions of employers and lone workers themselves, with the hope that – through greater understanding – protection given to lone workers can be improved. The Lone Worker Landscape Report highlights how and where these discrepancies arise and what can be done to close the gap to keep everyone safe. 

Download the report here

Just a few of the findings revealed in our Lone Worker Landscape Report:

  • 97% of companies have formal lone worker policies in place, but 1 in 5 lone workers aren’t aware of them
  • Lone workers feel that current risk assessments and safety processes don’t focus enough on lone working
  • Organisations are over-estimating the effectiveness of lone worker safety communications and training
  • 68% of organisations have had a lone worker incident in the past 3 years
  • Lone workers are routinely under-estimating the risks they face

Now we know where the issues are, let’s work towards closing the gap to ensure lone workers are as safe as possible. Download the report here to discover how.

StaySafe helps over 1,000 organisations worldwide to protect their lone workers via an app and cloud-based hub.

Visit www.staysafeapp.com or call us on (+44) 020 8012 8455 for further information.


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