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Break free from the status quo! Transform your risk assessments with RiskPal

Time and again, Health and Safety professionals tell us the most common problems they face with risk assessment are:

  • Receiving outdated, irrelevant or copied content
  • Wasting time reformatting or updating unwieldy templates 
  • Chasing input and approval from management
  • An inability to extract valuable health and safety data
  • Missing oversight of all risk assessment documentation

Sound familiar? You are not alone! At RiskPal, we speak to many risk assessment users – both risk professionals and not – who share the same frustrations. Inefficient workflow leads to poor engagement, resentment of the process and less time to focus on actual safety controls.  

There is another way. RiskPal uses smart design, unique features and easy collaboration tools to produce great user experience and take away the pain of risk assessment. Access to relevant templates and safety advice create more time for actual risk assessment and discussion, and less time pulling your hair out. Your colleagues will thank you too!

In addition, RiskPal gives you all the benefits of a digital solution, giving access to valuable data, scalable storage and easy configuration.  

Time to make a difference? 

RiskPal. Lead the way. 

WEBINAR REWIND: Burnout Behind the Scenes – Health & Safety Practitioners Under Pressure

Don’t worry if you missed last week’s insightful RiskPal webinar addressing the hidden signs of burnout – you can rewatch the entire session on-demand!

The pandemic started as a whirlwind before evolving into a long-drawn-out storm. For many companies, Health & Safety practitioners became the first point of contact for the provision of advice, risk assessments and response, dramatically increasing their workload and stress. The two-year pandemic elevated the importance of Health and Safety to the forefront of business resilience and staff health. Ironically, this has meant that Health & Safety people have been under enormous emotional and physical pressure to keep their businesses going, often at the cost of their own wellbeing.

The webinar features IOSH President Louise Hosking, Ruth Denyer (Co-President of IIRSM), and Michael Byrne (Group Head of Health & Safety at News UK), reflecting on the experiences of the sector and identify unresolved issues. Most importantly it focuses on realistic solutions organisations have adopted to manage burnout amongst Health & Safety practitioners.

For more information, visit www.riskpal.com, or email info@riskpal.com.

You can watch the entire session again below: