5th February 2025
Hilton London Canary Wharf
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OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & WELLBEING MONTH: Top tips for creating effective policies for your organisation

The importance of robust Occupational Health and Wellbeing policies cannot be overstated, especially for Health and Safety professionals across the public and private sectors. These policies not only ensure compliance with legal standards, but also promote a positive work culture, leading to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Here are some top tips for establishing effective […]

Mental Health and Neurodiversity in the Workplace – a key focus for 2024

By Lou Campbell, Programmes Director of Wellbeing Partners The conversation around neurodivergence in the workplace continues to gather pace, with encouraging moves towards awareness, inclusion and support for neurodivergent employees. But a fundamentally important topic of discussion – the intersectionality of neurodivergence and mental health issues – is frequently underestimated and misunderstood. Whilst neurodiversities such […]

Psychological safety at work: What is it and how can businesses improve it?

Coined by Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson, ‘psychological safety’ is the belief that you can share your thoughts and ideas freely within the workplace without the fear of being judged. Employees need to feel empowered to speak their minds in order to contribute their full potential.  Without psychological safety, a workplace can foster a culture of […]

WORKPLACE WELLBEING MONTH: Taking a glimpse into the future happiness at work

Several disruptive trends are set to reshape workplace wellbeing strategies over the next five years. As businesses increasingly recognise the link between employee mental health and productivity, these trends are poised to influence how companies approach the happiness of their workforce, as predicted by delegates attending the Occupational Safety & Health Forum… 1. Mental Health […]

WELLBEING MONTH: Creating emotionally safe workplaces

Workplace wellbeing has risen to the forefront of organisational priorities, heralding a transformative approach to occupational health and safety (OHS). The recent trends in this domain are shaped by a holistic understanding of wellness, acknowledging that employee health extends beyond physical safety to encompass mental and emotional wellbeing. Mental Health Awareness There has been a […]

Five ways to support your employees’ mental health

Mental health is hugely important, both in the workplace and beyond. But with the pressures of increasingly fast-paced work environments, it can be difficult to find time to prioritise our mental health. With 82% of Brits admitting they don’t take a full lunch break, it’s no surprise that 88% of UK employees have experienced burnout in the […]

It’s time to tackle skin problems in the construction industry

For workers in the construction industry, chances are they’re on their feet all day and constantly using their hands. But they might not always take the time to look after their skin, which can be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals and materials. Work oftern takes place in often harsh outdoor conditions and sometimes requires the […]

The importance of early intervention to support mental health in the workplace

By Ryan Parish, Commercial Data and Insight Manager at not-for-profit health and wellbeing provider BHSF The ONS has recently reported an increase in issues with mental health, and the government mental health plan discussion paper also shows similar concerns. It’s an issue that the UK’s employers and employees must address.  Employees have a lack of […]

Mental health ‘biggest concern for employers’ in light of remote working 

A survey of companies of all sizes across the UK has revealed that the biggest concern for nearly half of all employers (49%) is the mental health of their employees now that remote working has become accepted practice. In study carried out by Towergate Health & Protection mental health topped the list of concerns for […]

Workplace mental health first aid means more than just box ticking

By Clare Price, Director of Clinical Services at Onebright For years there have been discussions about mental health first aid becoming a legal requirement in the workplace, but no Government to date has implemented a policy. It was good to see Mr Russell re-introduce a bill in parliament in January, but we have to remember […]