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  • Behavioural Safety tops 2020 health & safety buying trends

    Behavioural Safety solutions top the list of services the UK’s leading health & safety professionals are sourcing this year.

    The findings have been revealed by the Occupational Safety & Health Forum and are based on delegate requirements at the event.

    Delegates registering to attend were asked which areas they needed to invest in during 2020 and beyond.

    A significant 50% are looking to invest in Behavioural Safety, followed by Stress Management (47.3%) and Occupational Health & Wellbeing Services (44.6%).

    Just behind are Wellbeing/Wellness (44.6%) and Risk Management/Assessments (60%).

    % of delegates at the Occupational Safety & Health Forum sourcing certain products & solutions (Top 10):

    Behavioural Safety 50
    Stress Management 47.3
    Occupational Health & Wellbeing Services 44.6
    Wellbeing/Wellness 44.6
    Risk Management/Assessments 40.5
    Compliance 39.2
    Training Courses 39.2
    Incident Reporting 35.1
    Contractor Management 33.8
    Lone Worker Safety & Equipment 32.4

    To find out more about the Occupational Safety & Health Forum, visit https://oshforum.co.uk.

    Image by Oli Hale from Pixabay 


    Stuart O'Brien

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