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Break free from the status quo! Transform your risk assessments with RiskPal

Time and again, Health and Safety professionals tell us the most common problems they face with risk assessment are:

  • Receiving outdated, irrelevant or copied content
  • Wasting time reformatting or updating unwieldy templates 
  • Chasing input and approval from management
  • An inability to extract valuable health and safety data
  • Missing oversight of all risk assessment documentation

Sound familiar? You are not alone! At RiskPal, we speak to many risk assessment users – both risk professionals and not – who share the same frustrations. Inefficient workflow leads to poor engagement, resentment of the process and less time to focus on actual safety controls.  

There is another way. RiskPal uses smart design, unique features and easy collaboration tools to produce great user experience and take away the pain of risk assessment. Access to relevant templates and safety advice create more time for actual risk assessment and discussion, and less time pulling your hair out. Your colleagues will thank you too!

In addition, RiskPal gives you all the benefits of a digital solution, giving access to valuable data, scalable storage and easy configuration.  

Time to make a difference? 

RiskPal. Lead the way. 

Are you keeping on top of your Covid-19 Risk Assessments?

By Mirashare

As the UK government eases restrictions following the third lockdown, many employees are again returning to the workplace. For all of us, the need to feel safe and protected at work has never been higher. To support this process and in accordance with government guidelines, Covid-19 Risk Assessments need to be updated to reflect any changes to legislation or guidance. 

So, do your Covid-19 Workplace Risk Assessments reflect the most recent guidance, and equally important, are they easy to access, amend and publish? If not, perhaps we can help.

Our Mirashare software helps you to quickly locate, review, amend and then share risk assessments with your teams – keeping everyone informed of potential risks and the measures required to minimise risk. And with the ‘Read and Acknowledge’ feature, you can ensure those who need to know are notified of approved, version-controlled risk assessments, and sign to confirm they have read and understood them – a great way to ensure a high level of communication, engagement and understanding.

Call us today on (01304) 382410 to discuss how Mirashare can help streamline and add consistency to your Risk Assessment process.

Click here to learn more.

Mirashare helps transform the way you report and record all your EHS data

At a time when the need to manage health and safety effectively has never been more visible and important, Mirashare offers a trusted, easy to use, cloud-based solution for all your health and safety reporting needs. 

With 14 modules ranging from Risk Assessments to Inspections and Audits, Change Control to Incident and hazard reporting, we offer a comprehensive solution that’s right for you.

With all your records in one place, you have instant access to real time information, enabling you to take quick corrective action, make better decisions, and identify trends more rapidly. 

So, if like many you’re still battling with a paper-based system, or simply feel as though it’s time for a change, give us a call on (01304) 382 410 to discuss how Mirashare can help streamline and add consistency to all your EHS reporting needs.


Do you specialise in Risk Management? We want to hear from you!

Each month on Health & Safety Briefing we’re shining the spotlight on a different part of the security market – and in September we’ll be focussing on Back To Work Risk Management solutions in the wake of COVID-19.

It’s all part of our ‘Recommended’ editorial feature, designed to help health & safety buyers find the best products and services available today.

So, if you’re a supplier of Back To Work Risk Management solutions and would like to be included as part of this exciting new shop window, we’d love to hear from you – for more info, contact Charlotte Humphreys on c.humphreys@forumevents.co.uk.

Here’s our full features list:

September –  Back to Work Risk Management/Assessments 

October – Stress Management

November – Occupational Health & Wellbeing Services

December – Health & Safety Software

January – First Aid Supplies

February – Behavioural Safety

March – Training Courses

April – Incident Reporting

May – Contractor Management

June – Site Safety

July – Lone Worker Safety & Equipment

August – Fire Safety Management

Image by Silviu Costin Iancu from Pixabay